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Ways To Dispose Of Furniture

After a house clearance or office clearance, you may be left with some unwanted furniture. Deciding what to do with this furniture can be a challenge. There are many different furniture removal solutions depending on the state that your furniture is in.


Giving your furniture to a second hand store or charity place can be a great way to keep its life going if it is still in good condition. Before donating it, make sure the place you want to donate it to will accept furniture. Also ensure that the furniture item is in good condition and is thoroughly cleaned before passing it on. Another option is to ask friends, family or neighbours if they would like the furniture piece.


If you furniture still has plenty of life left in it and is in good condition, selling it can be a viable option. The most effective way to sell furniture is through online classified websites such as eBay and Gumtree. Make sure you price the furniture piece at a reasonable rate so that you have a higher chance to making a sale. Alternatively, you can have a garage sale and attempt to sell the furniture this way. If you don’t have any luck at the garage sale, the furniture can still be donated to a second hand store.


Most parts of wooden furniture can be recycled which is a better choice for the environment. When recycling furniture it is a good idea to break it down into smaller sections. This is especially relevant if you are hiring a commercial clearance company for furniture removals as they may charge extra for bulky furniture items. To break furniture down, consider taking the legs off chair frames and pulling bed frames apart slate by slate.


If your furniture piece isn’t functioning well in its original form, why not consider upcycling it to something else. For example, you can use an old desk and place it outside to keep your pot plants on. Desk drawers can be used and filled with soil to plant seedlings. An old bed frame can be turned upside and used as a dog bed, or a children’s play frame to create a cubby house. You can always reuse the cushions off a couch for a pet bed as well. Be creative and give your furniture a second chance after a home clearance.

Hard rubbish

Depending on your local council regulations, hard rubbish may be an option on how to deal with your furniture disposal. Always check the correct way to leave furniture on the curb in your local area and make sure you have the correct dates for hard rubbish collection.


Calling in professional house clearance services is another good way to effectively and quickly get rid of your unwanted furniture. These services come in the form of man with a van hire who specialise in removing furniture, or commercial clearance companies. The service will come and take your furniture away and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner, leaving you without any hassle of getting rid of yourself. When hiring a professional clearing service, make sure you have a good estimate of how much will need to be taken away and what the rough sizes of everything is. This detailed information will help you get the best value for money quote and give the company the right information to provide the best service possible.